Operation Move Courses

Every now and again, life throws you an opportunity to become more than you already are.

This is one of those opportunities. Operation Move is a community that supports and encourages health and fitness for all people. For the first time, we are now giving you the chance to experience personalised support and motivation through our online courses. Whether you’ve never moved much before, you’re well into your journey and looking for a new challenge or you are event training already, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing the perfect Operation Move course for you.

All courses have strictly limited numbers in order to ensure small group support, and to maintain a private, nurturing learning environment. You will receive training programs and advice relevant to your own level of ability, and enjoy building support networks to help you move more, get fit and feel fantastic.


But I am too busy/overweight/unfit/tired. We were too. We get it, really we do But you have a choice to make. You can go through life thinking to yourself every day that you are too busy/overweight/unfit/tired, or you can choose to try something new. It may just be the something that changes your entire life.

What can we do for you? Operation Move courses are all about YOU. We work with you to prioritise activity that makes you feel fantastic without the 5am starts or being yelled at (unless that is what floats your boat). We believe that you deserve to wake up in the morning feeling energised and excited about the day ahead. We understand the constraints of a busy life, and will help you find ways to get more out of every day without sacrificing the lifestyle you already lead. We will help you set goals and then work together until you reach them. This isn’t an impersonal one-size-fits-all program, but an opportunity to make positive changes that could last a lifetime and change the way you feel about yourself forever.


Which course is best for you?

Learn to Run:

The learn to run course is designed for people who would love to run but have never believed that they could. This 12 week course aims to take you from the couch to comfortably running for half an hour, with individualised training plans to allow for extra time for development where needed as well as accelerated options for anyone who discovers a natural ability.

This course is appropriate for people who have never run before, along with those who may have in the distant past and are keen to rediscover the freedom and joy of running. As with all our courses, a small community group will be an integral part of the program.

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Event Training:

The event training project is for anyone who has a goal running race on their calendar in either a 10k, half marathon or marathon distance. Training plans arrive straight in your inbox each week, and your supportive private group will help keep you motivated throughout the program. You will have easy access to your coaches at all times for optimum support.

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